Expo 2020 Dubai – the growth of the short let market.

Expo 2020 – the world’s biggest showcase of art, culture, business, food, music, technology, dance, science, architecture, and more is being hosted in Dubai (UAE). The Expo is foreseeing a visitor count of more than 25 million businesses and tourists. With each of the 192 participating countries having their own dedicated pavilion, a host of activities and workshops, and hundreds of cuisines to taste and relish; each day is a whole new experience in itself. The Expo spans over 180 days from Oct 2021 to March 2022.

The pavilion and business owners exhibiting at the event are not the only ones who will stay in Dubai for a long time. The visitors also share this passion as they like to explore, soak in and enjoy things at leisure. Apart from one-day passes, the Expo also has monthly and all season passes for an individual, a family or a group. For such enthusiasts, a hotel becomes an expensive and monotonous proposition. It is also space restrictive and impersonal. Renting or leasing an apartment for a short time is impractical, tedious and cumbersome. The solution? An apartment short let!

Renting a turnkey serviced apartment in Dubai or a one bedroom furnished apartment in Dubai, is a smart and feasible option as it takes away the tough factors of renting a house or staying at a hotel. It is cheaper, warmer, cozier, friendlier, more spacious and private than a hotel room. It is smaller and easier to maintain than an apartment; and there is almost no hassle of furniture, linen, silverware, bills or utility shopping/procurement. There is also more independence and flexibility attached to it vis-à-vis timings and logistics. Dubai, being a short let friendly city, has a host of rental options to choose from. Based on size, budget, distance and amenities, one can select their desired short let property and enjoy their stay and the Expo.

The Expo has seen an unprecedented increase in short let apartments. Real estate owners and investors in Dubai are bullish about this novel and lucrative opportunity. There are many property owners, who are in the industry for the long haul and the opportunity but like to keep themselves free from the day-to-day operations and/or hassles. As a serviced apartment owner, one has many advantages. By using verified online platforms, they do not have to go through the process of vetting a prospective tenant and/or credit check. They can put their properties on the market for a short period of time (between 2 weeks and 6 months). It pays more than a long-term apartment rent, is lesser prone to wear and tear and is easier to maintain. It is also a favoured property investment for owners who do not live in the city and who make purchases only to play in the real estate market and reap the benefits.

Kiana Furniture partners with such investors to create vibrant, aesthetic and elegant accommodations. Kiana is the passion project of Nushafreen Merchant, who has over a decade of experience in the home furnishing field in Dubai and the UAE. She is known for providing carefully sourced, good quality furniture and accessories, while spearheading latest design trends for all types of furniture in Dubai such as bedroom furniture, complete home furniture for studio apartments, 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartments and much more. As the founder and head interior stylist, she believes that “Anything can be achieved.” With her innate understanding of the local market, she has the reputation of curating the perfect apartment furniture packages in Dubai.

Kiana provides complete turnkey furniture services in Dubai for studio apartment furniture solutions, which range from basic furniture packages to all-in packages that include soft furnishings, fittings, décor, household appliances and kitchen ware. A package consists of carefully chosen furniture that would suit a majority of properties. It becomes seamless for property investors who wish to have a one-stop solution for their turnkey projects. Kiana is a trend-setter in creating warm and cozy dwellings while ensuring they are modern and functional. Their mission is to enable the investors in designing attractive living spaces that appeal to potential customers.