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Apartment furniture packages in Dubai and the UAE

Investor’s Basic Pack

A simple, practical and good-looking furniture option for clients who wish to furnish their properties with the minimum items needed for their own use or for their investment properties.

Studio apartment
List (prices in AED)
Furniture - 6,000
Curtains - 1,000
Kitchen - 550
Linen - 806
Bathroom - 340
Laundry - 320
Décor - 729
Electrical - 3,000
DTCM - 140
Outdoor - 400
1 Bedroom apartment
List (prices in AED)
Furniture - 14,000
Curtains - 2,000
Kitchen - 550
Linen - 896
Bathroom - 426
Laundry - 320
Décor - 1,564
Electrical - 3,000
DTCM - 140
Outdoor - 400
2 Bedroom apartment
List (prices in AED)
Furniture - 20,500
Curtains - 3,000
Kitchen - 650
Linen - 1,700
Bathroom - 577
Laundry - 350
Décor - 2,244
Electrical - 3,000
DTCM - 140
Outdoor - 400
3 Bedroom apartment
List (prices in AED)
Furniture - 26,500
Curtains - 4,000
Kitchen - 758
Linen - 2,604
Bathroom - 728
Laundry - 380
Décor - 2,890
Electrical - 3,000
DTCM - 140
Outdoor - 400

Investor’s Upgrade Pack

A more comprehensive furniture inventory with a choice of fabrics and colors; plus, we combine furniture with lighting, soft furnishings, accessories and interior design services to create the desired look and add a special sense of style. This package makes your property stand apart from others in the rental market.

Studio Apartment
List (prices in AED)
Furniture - 20,000
Outdoor Furniture - 1,785
Curtains, 1 Window - 1,500
Linen, Set of 2 - 1,050
Kitchen and house Hold items - 2,299
Decorative Accessories - 3,480
Kitchen small appliances - 6,000
DTCM Items - 500
Total - 36,614
1 Bedroom Apartment
List (prices in AED)
Furniture - 26,975
Outdoor Furniture - 1,785
Curtains, 2 Windows - 3,000
Linen, Set of 2 - 1,116
Kitchen and house Hold items - 2,435
Decorative Accessories - 5,060
Kitchen small appliances - 6,000
DTCM Items - 500
Total - 46,871
2 Bedroom Apartment
List (prices in AED)
Furniture - 38,850
Outdoor Furniture - 1,785
Curtains, 3 Windows - 4,500
Linen, Set of 2 - 2,230
Kitchen and house Hold items - 3,735
Decorative Accessories - 7,400
Kitchen small appliances - 6,000
DTCM Items - 500
Total - 65,000

A special category for personal homes and luxury rental properties, giving clients exclusive options for furniture and accessories. These packages are created individually by our designer in consultation with each client.

Custom manufactured furniture is offered as an option along with more detailed design work. All items provided are sourced locally or internationally, especially for each property.

Prices will be given after an appraisal of the property by our designer.

1) What are furniture packs?
These are quick, hassle free furnishing solutions where we furnish your property with our own range of furniture from our set inventory.

2) What are turn-key packs?
These packages include all other household items apart from furnishings, ranging from kitchen crockery and bathroom accessories to TV sets and other electrical appliances. Clients have the option to order these packs separately along with our furniture packs, which means they can move into a ready home with just their personal belongings.

3) What is the difference between the Basic and Upgrade Pack?
The Basic Pack contains only the essential, key pieces of furniture while the Upgrade Pack has a larger variety of furniture pieces that can be selected to suit the size and layout of the property.

4) Can I furnish my UAE property when I am not residing in the country?
Yes. All selections and approvals can be done over email. We can furnish your property in a short time and hand it over to your property / holiday home agent as soon as it is ready.

5) How long does it take to furnish a property?
After selections and approvals, from the day we receive your payment, it usually takes 7 to 10 working days to furnish your property using our furniture and turn-key packs.

6) Do you furnish only entire, unoccupied apartments and villas?
No. We can even furnish one room within your existing apartment or villa.

7) Can you incorporate my existing furniture into your furniture pack?
No. We avoid the complications of trying to fit old furniture along with our new pieces.
This service is only offered with our tailor made designer packages.

8) What is the process after the initial property visit?
Once we visit and size up your property, we will send a quotation via email. Once this is approved and advance payment is received, an E-Mood board will be sent to you via email with all options for the selection of furniture and fabrics. Once this is approved, we will proceed with execution of the project, which normally takes 7 to 10 working days from the date that payment is received.

9) Do you have warranty on your furniture?
Yes, we have 1 year manufacturers’ defect warranty on our furniture.

10) Do you furnish offices?
No, we do not.