The Advantages of Using Landlord Furniture Packs

With the ever-booming holiday homes market more UAE homeowners are looking at the alternative for renting their properties on a short-let basis. The concept of short-term letting has its own advantages, it has a proven track record of increasing the return on investment and an ease to access and use their own properties. The holiday home market help support international as well as local tourism.

To sign up a property under the holiday home management it must be furnished by the homeowner. Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing being the governing head of the holiday homes sector have established a furnishing guideline to maintain the Dubai Brand consistent alongside the Dubai hotels providing world class amenities for tourists and residents.

Having the properties furnished the right way is the key to attract people who are looking up the web in search for a short-let property for their use. Too many times landlords get super engaged in the furnishing of their investment property which ends up taking 4 to 6 weeks getting their holiday home unit ready for rentals. The good news is that landlord furniture packages offer a solution.

Finding the right furniture style, colour and size takes time. Furniture packages are pre-designed, and colour coordinated which saves time.

There is no clash of interior design styles, a constant theme runs throughout the property binding together individual design elements. Our interior stylist team would pay individual attention in selecting accessories at no added cost. This saves money for the landlords in design fees.

Our furniture is imported from our partnered factories from various parts of the world. At Kiana Furniture, our products are based on quality, price, and appeal. We ensure our products look good and is built to last — both in terms of structure and style.

Furniture along with all additional optional packs containing house-hold items, bed-bath linen, laundry items, small kitchen appliances, curtains, home décor accessories are delivered in one go.

Kiana furniture has developed an option for a fast and completely hands-off furnishing options for homeowners which can be ordered from over seas or clients can come visit Kiana furniture warehouse in Dubai where a walk-through display set up is available to see the furniture and home accessories. Our team channel your personal style or offer innovative, creative solutions to suit the property type or the location.

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