Dubai Remote Working VISA – What does it mean for real estate?

The year 2020 saw a tremendous change in the way people imagined life and work. The global pandemic affected many aspects of our daily doings, especially the work life. The concept of “Work From Home” (WFH) or remote working, gained widespread acceptance owing to safety and feasibility. Video conferencing applications in collaboration with ever-evolving technologies have resolved the need for geographical proximity or the presence of the employee at the office saving on time and energy resources to commute.

With comfortable workspace, flexible working hours and ease of access; the employees are better equipped to manage their work-life balance. This improves the efficiency of the employees, giving an advantageous edge to the employers. In view of this, various corporations and business houses are opting to permanently shift to the WFH model. Tapping into the potential of the situation, various tourism-reliant destinations have started to ideate and implement remote working visas. They invite individuals to work remotely for a specified time from their country.

A similar programme has been launched by the UAE for Dubai since October 2020. The remote working visa is valid for 1 year. While many countries offer this opportunity, Dubai also allows an individual to shift along with his family to a leading tourist destination and business hub. With an exceptionally safe environment, high level of digital infrastructure, dynamic networking opportunities, Dubai has emerged as a top option for individuals planning to relocate for a limited time.

Working from home requires a proper setup, the most important being comfortable furniture. Appropriate home office furniture helps in maintaining correct posture and provides comfort for long working hours. It is essential to have fully equipped workspace furniture. The correct furniture can pay a pivotal role in the comfort and productivity of the space dedicated for work.

Individuals in this modern era are always on the lookout for turnkey projects crafted to create an elegant and compact work and living space. The layout and design needs to be stylish to not standout in a house and equally practical in use. While shifting to a different nation, from finalising the apartment to the furnishing, the tasks are endless. This seemingly daunting situation can easily be turned around with a dedicated complete house turnkey furniture packages. Many real estate investors have jumped on this bandwagon and chosen to furnish their rental properties with service provides of apartment furniture packages. Such properties are listed on verified online platforms for rent/sub-let.


Kiana is the leading service provider of serviced accommodation, airbnb and apartment furniture packages in Dubai. The founder and head stylist, Nushafreen Merchant, has a flair for designing appealing and practical living spaces. With over a decade of experience, Kiana offers basic to advanced property furnishing services ranging from one-bedroom furniture package, two-bedroom apartment furniture packages to a complete home furniture packages including furniture, linen, furnishings and kitchen ware. A trend-setter in the turnkey furniture industry, Kiana strives to create aesthetic, modern, comfortable and practical living and WFH spaces.

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