Landlord QA

A client recently asked us, “I could simply purchase my furnishings from a retail store. What is the advantage of opting for a furniture package company instead?”


Here’s what we answered:       

Many property owners in Dubai are investors who plan to furnish and rent out their apartments/villas through DTCM registered holiday home operators. To ensure good rental value, the look of the property matters a great deal. Dubai itself is a brand, that needs to be reflected in the way that these homes are furnished. The right images, displaying high standards and good quality, play an important role in attracting end users who are making bookings online and choosing from a vast pool of available holiday homes.

For a property owner in Dubai today, time is money. A company like Kiana Furniture helps you to save time and effort, while providing you with a range of attractive choices. It gives you the benefits of a retail store, plus more.

We have our own brand of furniture stocked at all times. This makes it possible for us to furnish our clients’ properties glitch free, offering quality furnishings in a very short time. The client gets to choose instantly from a range of options offered by our company instead of going from shop to shop. This saves your time and makes the whole process easier for you. Moreover, putting together furniture pieces in various styles, colors, wood textures, fabric and so on, is not an easy task. Our furniture packages are pre-designed, so you can choose an entire suite at once.

It is true that some retail stores also offer styling services, but they rarely provide on-site supervision. Our company stays with you through the entire process, from selection to delivery and installation. The fees for these services?  Included in the package price. Once again, a time and money saver.

When creating a home interior, furniture is only the beginning; the ball rolls on from there. Curtains – what style, color and fabric? What kind of rods or pelmets? How to get a professional to measure them and make them to the correct size? Wallpaper and wall paint – what’s trending? What’s needed to make the wall unit stand out from the rest? Artwork and wall hangings – their size, placement and colors. How do they match the overall theme? Décor accessories, cushions, throws, plants – these are the small nitty-gritties which make all the difference while furnishing a home. If you are not experienced, doing it yourself can be a huge task.


With the help of a company such as Kiana Furniture, you can get a property styled and furnished the right way, hassle free and fast. It is then ready for rental income to start rolling in.