What are furniture packages?

What are the furniture packages?
In her meetings, when Nushafreen Merchant introduces Kiana Furniture Packages, eyebrows are raised and people
often ask, “What are furniture packages?” It is still largely an alien concept in this modern city that thrives on
investment properties. Nushafreen explains the concept and draws attention to the usefulness of the products and
services her company has to offer in Dubai.

Furniture packages, also known as furniture packs, have existed in the European and Australian market for some
time now. In the ever-expanding Dubai scenario, especially with the upcoming Expo 2020, the demand for these
special packages from investors and home owners is on the rise.
A furniture package is a collection of furniture that has been carefully put together to suit a majority of properties.
Kiana Furniture offers a selection of such packages, featuring furniture collections that are suitable for the different
property styles in the UAE market. Each scheme includes all the furniture required to furnish a one-bedroom
property; to which clients can simply add an additional bedroom pack for second and third bedrooms. An
experienced team then delivers and assembles the furniture in the desired location, with packaging removed and
disposed of.
Kiana also offers additional options for purchasing household equipment and décor packs along with the furniture.
This makes it more viable for customers who wish to have their properties completely furnished and decorated
under one roof. In addition, home styling services are offered with the turn-key option where an in-house designer
advises and guides customers regarding the selection of color schemes, suitable furniture and accessories.
Who benefits from these products and services?
Property investors who wish to get their units furnished and styled with quality furniture and get them ready for
rental in a short span of time, find this an extremely attractive option. Kiana Furniture has the capacity to furnish up
to 20 units at one time, since they hold ready-to-install furniture in stock at all times.
New-to-Dubai expatriates who need to make time for the demands of their new high profile jobs also need such
services that allow them to get their homes set up efficiently. Opting for a furniture package company takes away
the hassle of settling into a new home and eases them into their new work life.
Home owners from various parts of the globe who have bought their second homes in the UAE as holiday getaways
also enjoy the benefits of this solution, as Kiana furniture packages would have their properties ready before they
arrive in the country. They can then enjoy every day of their vacation in their new home, instead of spending money
on hotels plus facing the bother of organizing home furnishing whilst holidaying.
Multi-national corporates who have new employees being transferred into the UAE also need to arrange their stay
before they arrive, and this option can mean a huge time-consuming chore ticked off from HR personnel’s to-do list.
New building developers also benefit from furniture packages and styling services, by availing of the various
developer’s show home schemes which Kiana Furniture has to offer.
Kiana’s comprehensive website, www.kianafurniture.com provides detailed information. Nushafreen is available for
consultations and viewings on +971(0)566451530.
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