Interior design solutions for multiple units in the holiday home market

Many holiday home companies in the UAE market are seeing a significant growth in their portfolios. With Expo 2020 around the corner, they are looking for the best ways to furnish multiple units quickly, easily and above all, elegantly.

At Kiana, we have developed a business model especially for the holiday home market. With our custom made furniture packages and designer interiors, we provide the perfect solution for holiday home companies as well as individual investors. Whether it is a single property or multiple units, we work quickly to fit them out with affordable, durable, and elegant furnishings in every room.

Kiana founders Nushafreen and Ovez have worked extensively in the short-term rental market, and are well prepared to handle all the common issues and operational hazards that arise while furnishing multiple units. They know the importance of maintaining inventories and sticking to time frames, while ensuring a high quality of work. Kiana’s operating systems have been developed keeping these needs in mind.

“Not only do we provide furniture, we also complement furnishings with accessories, designing the entire look of the place. We already have loads of experience with short term rentals, so we understand all the important factors to take away our clients’ headaches,” says Nushafreen.

Through having expert interior design incorporated into package prices, Kiana’s clients save money on expensive design fees while being guaranteed chic European- style furniture, with a selection of soft furnishings and art to complement it.

Nushafreen goes on to explain, “Holiday homes are sold by a picture on the web, so first impressions are paramount. Working with us over a period of time, our clients have grown to trust our selections and our products. We advise them about the latest market trends in décor. If a client has more than one unit, we can create consistency in the furnishings of their properties. Plus, we do fit-outs with our own team. Our turn-around time in completing a job is what’s most beneficial to a holiday home operator. The sooner a well finished unit is handed over, the less they lose on rent income.”

With Kiana’s exclusive brand of furniture that is not available on the retail market, a designated fit out team and a direct workshop facility, turnaround times for complete fit-outs are exceptionally quick. We have impressed many previous clients by turning around rooms in as little as 48 hours, with an average apartment fit-out time of 7 to 10 working days.

With our capabilities and experience, we also provide services to high volume clients who wish to design, brand and produce their own exclusive range of furnishings.